I tutor for those who want to learn English and for those who want to learn Turkish (in and around İzmir or online).

I offer one-to-one and group tutoring.

I have designed several courses. I use music, games, cooking, baking, shopping and other materials when I teach.

I am happy to tutor in the development of conversational skills, pronounciation, grammar, business Turkish and business English.

I have been working with children, adults, doctors, artists, businessmen and businesswomen.

I have been tutoring in South Korea, England and in Turkey since 2003.

As a person who has an enormous interest in learning English, Korean, Arabic, Italian, French and German [not that I am an expert in all of them], I think if learning a language is not fun, it is not fun to learn that language. The more fun there is, the more learning there is. That is how I think and that is how I try to design my lessons. Currently, I work at a Montessori kindergarten teaching English in order to spend more time with my daughter Delfina.

If you are interested in learning with me, please do contact me at: esra@esrazen.com

"I never let my schooling interfere with my education" Mark Twain